Hi everyone,

I hope this is the right place to post this. Thanks in advance for reading.

I'm playing the ios version of the game on an iphone 5C.

I think there's a bug in Chapter 8, which is preventing me from moving forwards. I have correctly aligned all of the totems, but I don't have the option to "speak" to the one under the tree; only the hand and eye appears, and the hand only brings up the close up view of the sliding rings at the totem base. After watching several video walkthroughs I realise this is because I haven't gone through all of the dialogue with the stickmen. They didn't mention the sleeping giant, and him getting chased away from his fishing spot etc (I checked this by looking at the conversation log/ diary as well). The only options are to ask whether they will resume work on the catapult(?) if the noise stops, or to leave the conversation. My last save is chapter four, so I may not have the patience to push through (don't hate me!). It would be great if I've missed something and you could let me know. Otherwise, someone should take a look at this, because I think it's a great game, and it's a shame if people are put off of going further because of something small like this.