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    So, I've searched the corners of the internet for a fix for this.
    My game is lagging like crazy.
    I have a 64 bit laptop Windows 7. I've seen that most people have issues with the videos playing.
    I don't have that issue. The videos work perfect!
    What doesn't work, is the game.
    It takes forever to load even to something as simple as the options menu.
    Then it'll play a small clip and then freeze. I have to exit to the desktop and reopen it to repeat the process.
    I've tried all the 'fixes' I could find.
    I've messed with the compatibility, unchecked all of the 3D options.
    Thing is there's not any fixes that I can find for this particular problem.
    I have the 2 disc version.
    It's a long shot appealing to these forums for such an old game, but does anyone know how to fix this problem?
    I never had the privilege to play this game, and man I sure would like to!

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    1) Does this laptop uses switchable graphics (Intel and Nvidia or intel and AMD)?
    2) What language version is this? Have you tried to apply the 1.61 patch?
    3) If the patch 1.61 does not match your language version then you can download updates pack and use 4 CD FIX by jacmiszcz92.

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    Its not a long shot appealing to this forum. It will live on forever!!!

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