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Thread: Bought the game, Can't play.

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    Bought the game, Can't play.

    I was thinking to get into the series and I thought I should have started from the first game. I bought the game a few hours ago, tried to launch it. At the main menu, the screen becomes black and then opens again perpetually. Imagine a dark room and you're opening and closing the light so fast without stopping. That's what happens at the main menu. I changed compatibility and tried to run the game with administrator mode, but it only gave another error: Failed to find Steam. That's the error it's giving right now. I can't even launch. Please help me! I bought the game from Steam. But I'm desperate right now I can't play the game and I completely regret my purchase.

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    I don't have any experience with TLJ on Steam. You might want to post over at
    that's where most of the fans hang out these days. This place is quite dead, I'm afraid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KHH View Post
    This place is quite dead, I'm afraid.
    No it isn't!

    Well... not quite, at least
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