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Thread: Copy Protection driver kills Win 8.1 64bit

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    Lightbulb Copy Protection driver kills Win 8.1 64bit


    just got my original DVD I bought used via Ebay. Tried to install, worked fine until I gave the game "Administrator rights" to intall the needed "copy protection Driver" (I use the german Version, don't know whether my Translation is accurate). After I restarted Windows 8.1 as required Windows 8.1 64bit pro didn't start any more, it always ended in "autoamtic PC reperation...". After refreshing the Windows Installation files I am back in Windows again - tried it a second time, same result Back in Windows again Well have to reinstall all Software...

    Any ideas how I can Play the game anyway, without destroying my Windows 8.1??

    Thank you!

    greetings Stefan

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    This is a known problem with Dreamfall. If memory serves it asks to install some additional components when you try to launch it the first time, do not allow it to.

    Once you've installed the game, download the "Dreamfall: The Longest Journey v1.03 [MULTI] Fixed EXE" from here. Don't download the patch it mentions, it isn't needed and it changes the menu to French.

    Just overwrite the dreamfall.exe in the installation directory with the new one, and it should work.
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