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Thread: Installing Dreamfall on Win 8.1 computter

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    Installing Dreamfall on Win 8.1 computter

    Hello dear people on this forum.

    Is there maybe someone can tell me how I can install the DVD version of Dreamfall on my win 8.1 x 64 computter?
    The DVD is protected with an old security driver (code = The driver does not work on Win 8.1
    So install is going to be but the necessary library, s he does not want to install. StarForce to says it is a old driver is that they cannot delete, and that I should ask for a patch at Funcom. Funcom says I at StarForce must being.

    Is there maybe someone on this forum who can help me?

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    I just ran into this issue myself, using an old DVD of the Game of the Year Version.

    Over in one of the other threads, there is a patch that KHH uploaded which works.
    Quote Originally Posted by KHH View Post
    This is the no-cd patch I'm using on Windows 7. Try it, I've been using it for years and there's never been conflict with any anti-virus I've had. I use it on an unpatched version of the game.
    Download it and replace the application file in the install directory with it, it should work.

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