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Thread: Longest Journey problems on Windows 10

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    Longest Journey problems on Windows 10

    Hi guys,

    Downloaded Longest Journey on Steam. Absolutely love it. So glad I found another classic point and click I never new existed.
    Had Windows 8 and it was fuzzy so turned of anti-aliasing, but since then I have downloaded Windows 10. Now it won't let me save over an original save file without crashing. It also crashes when I exit the game, and I have to do CTRL-ALT-DLT. This wasn't so bad as there are like 100 save files, but now when I load the game it is only a tiny proportion of the screen, and there is nothing in the game settings which allows me to make the screen bigger.

    Is there any thing I can do?


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    1. Don't use 3D hardware rendering in the game. Too many problems with modern OS. The game can be run in software mode even on old CPUs. There is no difference in image quality.

    2. Sounds like you have 1:1 pixel mapping enabled either on your videocard or monitor if all you see is a small windows in the center of the screen. Set it to full screen and "keep aspect ratio" in your videocard settings or possible in your monitor settings.

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