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Thread: Revelations from Dreamfall Chapters

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    Revelations from Dreamfall Chapters

    Major revelations from Dreamfall Chapters (Books 1-4):

    Book One: Reborn

    - April Ryan was killed during Swamp City Attack,
    - world is coonected to Dreamtime,
    - someone is stealing dreams to reshape reality,
    - Helena Chang is Zoe's mother,
    - Bilion of people bought Dreamer and is connected to Dreamtime,
    - House Of all Worlds was build by Magnus and Etta,
    - Saga - a child born in House Of All Worlds is sister-daughter of White Dragon,

    Book Two: Rebels

    - April Ryan is reborn,
    - The Enclave is HQ of Magical Resistance,
    - Steam Machines are connected to The Tower,
    - Prophet can read messages from The Engine,
    - Lux is The First Dreamer who dream the universe,
    - Faith was a Dreamer,
    - WATIcorp want everyone to be connccted to Dreamtime,
    - most of politics in Europolis are corrputed by WATIcorp,
    - Magicals are send to Prison Camps in South,
    - Dr. Zelenka is controlled by Falk Friedman who works for mysteriious Fraulein,

    Book Three: Realms

    - pipes network, Steam Machines and Tower are The Engine,
    - Prophet ordered Azadi to build The Engine and give them tools for it,
    - The Engine is powered by dreams and it calculating,
    - Azadi plan use The Engine to reshape reality,
    - below Tower there are vast eddies of meta energies,
    - Tower will feeding on and molding the dreams to change the world,
    - WATIcorp was behind terrorist attack in Propast,
    - Saga has "updated" memories of April Ryan,
    - Saga is a Shifter,
    - Etta is missing,

    Book Four: Revelations

    - Oular and Yethe split,
    - Oular stay in Purple Mountains while Yethe went underground and build the city, Yethe are releated to Well Of Dreams,
    - Brian Westhouse is interested in War Of The Balance,
    - Roper Klacks hates April Ryan so much - his redemption is put under big question,
    - Yaga stole Soul Stone from Klacks,
    - Yaga are three sisters who live in Gribbler's House in Riverwood - the house is a "portal" to ancient Storytime,
    - Lux stole Soul Stone from Yaga first and used it to became The First Dreamer,
    - Yaga was there when world was created during The First Dream,
    - Yaga is a nightmare needed for dream,
    - wizard of lies is plotting to reshape reality and holds something dangerous inside,
    - Prison Camps are in fact Researching Faclity,
    - Azadi scientist works on virus which would annihilate all magical creatures,
    - Roper Klacks was Necromancer King,
    - Oular support Lux while Yethe support Undreaming and are slaves of Black Fire,
    - The Grubbers are Yethe,
    - wizard made a pact with Undreaming,
    - wizard wants to own dreams and reshape reality,
    - wizard was, is and will be dangerous,
    - Black Fire is Undreaming,
    - Soul Stone is Lux's Heart,
    - Lux owns White Fire,
    - Zoe and Lux became The One,
    - Zoe awake from coma in hospital room after unification with Lux,
    - Spring Dragon and The Girl Who Walks Between The Worlds are releated,
    - Spring Dragon (April) is reborn,
    - Crow will join Bloodliness King (Kian),
    - at the end of his life Crow will join The Girl Who Walks Between Worlds (Saga),
    - something bad happend with Etta,
    - Saga is The Girl Who Walks Between The Worlds,

    Revelations to the mysteries from Dreamfall: The Longest Journey:

    - The Grubbers are ancient people from Purple Mountains called Yehte,
    - The City under Marcura belong to Yehte,
    - Dream Chamber is named as Well Of Dreams,
    - Yehte are slaves of Undreaming,
    - Steam Machines are releated to Dream-powered The Engine and are connected to The Tower,
    - The Tower is final part of The Engine which is supposed to feeding on and molding the dreams,
    - Dreamer device steal the dreams,
    - April Ryan was killed in Swamp City and later reborn,
    - Zoe Castillo escaped Storytime and dreamed herself into Propast,
    - Kian Alvane escaped Friar's Keep and joined The Resistance,
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