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Thread: Book 4 Chapter 10 Game Crashes to the Desktop

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    Unhappy Book 4 Chapter 10 Game Crashes to the Desktop

    Hey there,

    So mytrouble is asfollows:

    i start the chapter 10, I meet Ben Bandu and talk to him, then I ask him to lead me to the Yaga. Then I see the loading screen and as the wheel on the bottom right rotates to the left -- the game crashes to the desktop.

    Did anyone experience the same issue here? How did you solve it?

    I installed the DirectX 9.0c, as well as I updated the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 & Microsoft Visual C++ 2008...

    I installed the patch 4.1.1.

    The issue still remains. I am a girl and I need help. I want to enjoy playing...

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    yeaaa...mine too((((

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