When the character Zoe escapes the core room in Wati City, and gets off the elevator, end of Chapter 5. Chapter 6: Morpheus begins, and she's in a hallway with one door. She opens that door into a small room, and across from her is another door, on the other side of which is green grass. Well, before the first door closes the whole way, the game freezes. Then in a few more seconds the screen goes black, and the only choice is to ctrl Shift Click and End the Process, quitting the game. I've retried this many times. I've gone through the doors slowly, holding shift, I've tried going through quickly, failing to get to the other door before it freezes. I've changed the resolution to 800-600, I've tried clicking Alt + Tab as she goes through, and Escape as she goes through, but none of these solutions worked. Does anyone know how to help? We're playing through Steam, Windows 7, 64bit, on 1366x768 resolution monitor.