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Thread: Dreamfall Chapters, Chapter 1 shortened?

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    Dreamfall Chapters, Chapter 1 shortened?

    So I just finished the final chapter and am not even about to get into how happy I am to have a conclusion after so long, and such a good one!!!

    Anyway, I just restarted Chapters again and noticed that the opening in StoryTime is much shorter than the first time I played it. The scenes where Zoe helps the girl who's falling past the bridge and the whole part with the kid under the street lights *poof* both gone. I never saw them, was never able to activate them!

    To make sure I wasn't crazy or missing something, I watched a few Let's Plays from the original release, and sure enough the people in the videos had to do all of that.

    So... was that part taken out for some reason? I can't imagine they would have been, but it makes me wonder what else may be different on a second playthrough.

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    Interesting find I never even noticed this, not sure why this is the case though.
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