Hi everyone,

Please don’t hesitate to use the e-mails listed for technical support in our manual. They are there to be used if you experience any problems with Dreamfall. With different publishing partners in different regions the support details are different depending where in the world you are.

There are different versions of the game in the different regions (not content wise, but technically there are differences) so it will always be helpful to mention which publishers' name is on the box of the copy you are having an issue with.

We aren’t doing the frontline support ourselves, but we wanted to provide this forum as a location where you can get help from others and where we can monitor any possible technical issues. We will have QA personnel monitor the forum, but mostly in order to gather information and try reproducing the problems being reported by the community. We appreciate all the feedback, and it makes it easier for us to locate and reproduce any issuess you might have with the game.

We will of course provide links and answers to any issues that crop up as and when we can