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    Lightbulb Dreamview (Dreamfall model viewer)

    DreamView is a Dreamfall model viewer, which allows you to view whole scenes, single models and animated characters of Dreamfall in a free-fly-camera mode.
    It also features exporters and imports (currently under development) which allow exporting of geometry and also Dreamfall game modding.

    I will post updates and new versions in this thread; the links in this opening entry will always point to the newest version.

    To run dreamview, you need the .net runtime 2 :
    and a new version of DirectX (9.0c april release or newer) :
    Of course you also an installation of Dreamfall
    It has been reported not to work on some older graphic cards, I haven't found the bug yet (didn't have the time to find an old gc to be able to debug)

    If Dreamview doesn't run on your computer, or if you find other bugs, or have feature recommendations, please post in this thread. In the case of a crash, please set verbose to 3 in the options, restart & reproduce the error. A logfile.txt will be generated - please post or mail (vertigo80 (at) it with the bug description, so I can try to fix it.

    There is no documentation yet (only what you find in this thread), but there will be a short manual in form of a readme.txt from the next release on.

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