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Thread: April Ryan is not dead. I have proof. *spoilers?*

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordGaNgA View Post
    Hello everybody!! Greetings from Argentina. I finished TLJ and Dreamfall some days ago, and as all of you, I went in a load of cuestions about what will happen next. There were said a lot of interesting things in this thread, and I agree with many of them.

    But there's one thing you didn't consider: April can breathe underwater thanks to the Maerum in TLJ. So, if she was wounded, but still concius, she could have escaped from that genocide swimming.
    Welcome to the forums, LordGaNgA. As Quna already indicated, there isn't much about TLJ and Dreamfall that we haven't discussed yet. But it is always nice to get a fresh view on things, so feel free to join the discussions.
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    Post Hey there! Greetings from Turkey.

    Hey everyone! Firstly, I want to state that April was/is/will be my favorite character of all TLJ games and I was about to cry when I saw that halberdish weapon strike her.

    So, DF:Chapters book 5 is about to be released and in the beginning of the game we saw the funeral of April. Her body was burned. So I give it a little possiblity that April will exist in a physical form. Though that being said it was mentioned in Book 4 by Abnaxus that April will exist in both physical and other form. I couldn't remember the other form's name sorry about that haha. Kind of spiritual form I think. Anyways lets revive this thread. I enjoy reading theories about the saga a lot! Cheers guys!

    And I just hope that will see the release of TLJH.
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