Well as some of you might of notice, there have been a few topics on moderation activity posted in the past week. These topics gave us some valuable feedback on moderation and overall activity in the community. In that, I wanted to announce an upgrade to a really old feature that should help resolve the “spammage” problem we have been faced with.

You can now report posts and threads on the forums for better efficiency. Before, when you use to report posts, they simply were not as visible to us on the administrator/moderator side of things. We saw this and we decided it was time we upgrade the system on our end. Upgrading the system will help give us (administrators and moderators) a better reporting structure and communication channel to aid the threads and posts that you feel need attention the most.

So please feel free to report posts in the future if you feel they need some sort of moderation attention. That way we can help rebuild and secure the communication channel from you to us (Funcom).

Thank you,