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Thread: Helpful Hints Site and walkthrough

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    Wink Helpful Hints Site and walkthrough (Universal Hints System-uhs) this website helped me a lot to play The Longest Journey, Dreamfall and other games to. It explains the hints and walkthrough very well.
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    It's a good site indeed. I use their hints, cos they don't give out the solution right away, kind of spoiler free in that way. The hints are revealed step by step so first you're led into right direction but you still don't have the solution which gives you time to come up with it yourself. Downside is that it takes time before hints for new games are uploaded.

    btw, nice gif image you have there. AC > everything

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    Smile Thank you

    Thank you so much for charing this.

    I had a similar list on the norvegian site for the game but that seems to have been deleted (the whole page) so I didn't know what to do. I like just getting smal hints if I'm stuck and not the whole solution, so this is very helpfull for me :3

    Thank you once again.
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    nice to see it get worked out

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