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Thread: iPhone version?

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    I am eagerly awaiting for the iPhone to reach an agreeable price..
    this room has no outer walls

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    My wife's upgrading to an iPhone 4, so I'm getting her old 3G one!

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    Riven on the iPhone!!!

    I just finished playing Riven on the iPhone and it was absolutely wonderful. The transfer to iPhone was excellent and the excitement of playing it was almost as good as on a PC - almost better, because you could carry it in your pocket and play it anywhere, anytime. It's a great, great success.

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    Just started getting into Android development and was thinking about doing something with a Dreamfall port.

    Though it wouldn't be a direct port and im still new to it all, i'll post some concepts when i get to that.

    and the Iphone 3Gs is $50 now for anyone looking at getting one

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    People, are the any news about iOS port of TLJ? Haven't found any info after 2011...

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    Wow, impressive thread necro. Cheers on that one! The posts from five years ago calling the iPhone a fad made me smile a little.

    As Dreamfall Chapters has reached release, it would be pretty awesome to see some Dreamfall/TLJ love for iOS (and Android while we're on the subject). The iPhone 6 screen is comfortably sized for apps like Myst and Syberia. Personally I'd be willing to pay at least as much for an iOS TLJ as I would for Minecraft or the like (somewhere in the $7 to $10 range). If there were any original content at all I'd probably be willing to pay even more.

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