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Thread: No music with the Jukebox

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    No music with the Jukebox


    I bought the 2 cd version, running on windows XP, my mother board is Asus A7V8X-MX.
    The game works fine, I have sound in dialogs and cut scene, but not when I walk around in the game nor with the jukebox in the bar.
    I do have ambient sound, so the lack of music is not a big problem but still...

    Latest patch, I tried this and this, no success.

    A codec problem, perhaps ?

    Thanks for your time, sorry for my bad english.

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    Stupid question, but did you try to regulate volume of music in game' options? Maybe is set too low.

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    Same problem...


    I have the 2CD version of TLJ it was all fine but when I entered Fringe Cafe I didn't heard any music I'am playing on Windows 7.

    I have installed the 1.6.1 patch but it still not working ...

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    Check your ingame setting, at times they are low or something. Hope this might help.

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