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Thread: Chapter 4 Alchera ,Crash ?! Any solutions or savegame ?

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    Chapter 5 Alchera ,Crash ?! Any solutions or savegame ?

    Hey guys ,

    When I'm playing April and walking out of the inn towards the tower , The loading screen between the gate and the tower halts and the games crashes with the "TLJ2 Crashed" and send this report to funcom..etc , How do I solve this problem ?

    If someone have a savegame just when april gets into the tower area that would be MUCH appreciated , Thanks a lot .

    Cheers .
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    I don't know how to fix the crash, but I've got a save file from chapter 5 just after April entered the tower area.

    Just download the save file, unpack it in the saves directory of your dreamfall installation, and rename the file so that the number on the end is one larger than the largest number already in your save folder.
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    good to see it sorted.

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