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Thread: What happened with the Xbox Marketplace version of Dreamfall?

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    Question What happened with the Xbox Marketplace version of Dreamfall?

    I bought Dreamfall quite a time ago for playing on my Xbox 360, because I absolutely loved The Longest Journey. Never got into playing it, though, and "saved" the game for playing it later.

    Back to the present, I buy a new Xbox 360 (my first Xbox 360 got the infamous RROD, and the second one had to be sold in order to some financial hardships) and start redownloading all my content, because I spent more in downloadable games than in physical format ones in fear of scratching the discs or losing them. And, to my surprise, I can't download Dreamfall again. It will simply say that "content is no longer available" and refuse to serve the content. I have contacted Microsoft support and they washed their hands saying that that's not their business, but the publisher's, since they're only providing the means for people to acquire a licence.

    There's, of course, quite old games that are no longer available to buy but are still served if you bought them: Smash TV, Joust... the very old ones, but Dreamfall is nowhere to be seen, nowhere to be obtained again, even if I paid for it.

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    I don't really know if there's much we can do to help.

    Try contacting Funcom, they're the the ones who produced it. They should be able to help, or direct you to someone who will.
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    That's unfortunate That's the version I played as well. Luckily, I still have the same Xbox. Let us know if anything changes.

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    There's something wonky about the digital distribution rights to Dreamfall. There are other services that used to have the game but no longer offer it (Gamefly, formerly Direct2Drive, for instance). Funcom doesn't even sell a digital version themselves anymore.

    The good news is that the PC version is far superior, so you should be playing that one anyway

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