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Thread: Cutscene FMV Error Fix

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    Cutscene FMV Error Fix


    I found this fix for the cutscene/FMV error on laptops in GOG forum.

    Ive tried everything from preference.ini to preformance settings. Nothing worked until i found this.

    1. Right click on Desktop
    2. Select Screen Resolution
    3. Click Detect (with no additional monitor connected)
    4. Next to your first display, you'll see a grey square with the text "Another display not detected" Click on the grey square
    5. Next to "Multiple displays" it will say "No display detected"
    6. Click on "No display detected"
    7. A drop-down menu will appear
    8. Select "Try to connect anyway on: VGA"
    9. Click on your primary display (the square with the big "1" in it)
    10. Next to "Multiple displays" select "Extend these displays"


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    I clic on the Detect button and nothing happens, no grey square appears

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