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Thread: Work around for not having disc 2

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    Work around for not having disc 2

    So I had gone to help my brother move and while we were packing various things i saw the box for this game in one of his old boxes but with no discs in it. after looking around i eventually tracked down discs 1,3 and 4 but couldnt find disc 2 is there any way to get the contents of that disc? if not what is the difference between the minimum and complete installs
    of the game?

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    Min install does not copy 90% of the game data to the hard drive. It reads from the CDs and prompts you to change them when needed so you still need CD 2.

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    GOG is currently having a massive 50% off sale, so you can pick up a legal, DRM-free copy of TLJ for $4.99.

    That version has far less problems on modern systems than the old 4-disc edition, too.

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