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Thread: need to have this game in all languages (the longest journey) on Steam

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    Exclamation need to have this game in all languages (the longest journey) on Steam

    EN:Hello, I would like to point out that it is impossible to have the game (longest journey and dream fall) in my language of birth. And it is the French.
    I know that funcom has released boxes in different countries and in different languages​​, french Spanish German etc. ..
    Could it be that you can make a patch, which could give us the opportunity we had steam user to have the game in our native language?
    I Thank You in advance, because I think it is important in terms of marketing to satisfy all languages​​, not just English.
    Thank you again for read me.

    FR:Bonjour, je voudrai vous signaler qu'il est impossible d'avoir le jeu (longest journey and dream fall) dans ma langue de naissance. Et c'est le français.
    Je sais que funcom a sorti des boites dans différent pays et ce dans plusieurs langues, francais espagnole allemand..etc
    Ce pourrait-il que vous puissiez faire un patch, qui pourrais nous donner la possibilité a nous utilisateur de steam d'avoir le jeu dans notre langue maternelle?
    Je vous remerci d'avance, car je pense qu'il est important en terme de marketing de contenter toutes les langues et pas uniquement l'anglais.
    Merci encore de m'avoir lue.

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    Steam and GoG only sells the english version of TLJ.

    The localized versions are available from Funcom's webshop. (Should include french too)

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    Well it all comes down to popularity. As to how popular it is in France i guess.

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